Welcome to Graceville
Get your ID’s at Faith Field
Move on to Stripes hospital and get your face healed
You know us, you don’t got to stay ill
At no cost, you don’t got to pay bills

In the inner city you find the worst individuals
Hustlers, Rebels, Radicals, Criminals
That’s where you can find me
The only reason I’m here is that I’ve got the Word that purified me inside me

Graceville, I’m a citizen
If Grace is my city how can I continue to live in Sin?
If Sin pays me with death, how can my life be living Sin?
Grace is my president, I’m forever sure he lives within

I live with him, and since I am dead, that means I’m really him
And I can never be scared of eternal death as long as I believe in Him
Welcome to my city, I know you’ll find what you really need:
Peace and Love from Grace who was crucified and did really bleed


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