I had a dream.

No…really. I literally had a dream. Saturday morning. Can’t go into it. Those who know, know (sharout s’awon goons mi!).

If you don’t know, suffice it to say that the dream was significant, about someone significant to me. It was ‘instructive’, like my homie Tim would say. You get? It had a real life application. I’m not really the dreaming ‘type’ but when I get to dream, I find it interesting. I find it even more interesting when I remember the dream vividly.

Searching my spirit like “What does this mean? Does it even mean anything? Is it a ‘multitude of business’ parole?”

Well…this one was vivid. I remembered every detail except one when I woke up. I wrote it down and locked it in the archive. Sent it to a few friends. By night, I fully understood.

Woke up on Monday morning like “Bam!”

Another dream.

(Why me, Lord!?)

Like the one before it, I knew the major characters I saw in the dream. I didn’t get it, just like I didn’t get the first one too. In fact, I think this one was straight up confusing. I didn’t remember every detail when I woke up, or every character. I saw…nah, don’t let me bother you.

I don’t know if there was a message in there, somewhere. If there was, I didn’t get it.

I’m about to sleep now, typing this on my phone, wondering if it’s the first thing I’ll reach for when I wake up, before the dream escapes. Or not.

I guess it’s dreaming season.

Update: I woke up several times before my final awakening. I also dreamt severally. I only remember part of one of the dreams. I had to pray when I woke up. I was in a car with the ‘baddest’ driver I know, dodging bullets and pulling stunts. See action film! Dreaming season indeed!


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