Day 13: Tomorrow’s Change

Day 13

Tomorrow’s Change

The sun will come out
Bet your bottom naira that
There’ll be sun

They tell me change is coming too
But there is no assurance
That an exchange
Begets change

Vague words that really mean ‘Never’
Giving power to the bane of life

They rob us blind
Wide awake, yet we sleep
Hands outstretched
Waiting for

Trust my people
They believe in the ‘now’
‘No credit today, come tomorrow’
‘Conductor, give me my change!’
That’s why I find the status quo so strange

Yells the preacher man
‘Salvation can be found
While it remains today
Tomorrow may be too late!’

I have high hopes
But higher questions:
What if the change we need is in a higher person?
What if the Boar we see
Doesn’t do much better than Saul’s son?

Truth be told
There’s one thing no one really knows
Ask Asa
All we have to trade with
Is today

So here’s what I propose:
A beggar’s strike
We must take up arms
Not wait for alms
Demand what we need for life

We cannot fold our arms
Or stand akimbo
But we must roughly demand
Tomorrow’s change


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