Day 15: Two Thrones

Man I’ve seen plenty, I’ve sinned plenty but still I’m here
Hey, it’s not nothing I did, but by grace I live
If I was to be judged for all the evil I’ve done
Even when I knew much better, I should be dead and gone
Holding my cards to my chest, hoping my secrets don’t get discovered
Skeletons with eyes open, hiding in my cupboard
But the past must be the past if I’m truly forgiven
I know the guilt feels real but freedom is given

How come I still like to do the things I don’t like?
And I feel I don’t mind but at the same time I know I’m not doing right
This dead body that I’m wearing is killing me
I’m constantly at war with myself, and that shouldn’t be
Feels like I have two thrones in me, fighting for dominion
One is for the King-Priest, the other’s for the Minion
I know I said I’m only human, but if this body hosts the Godhead
Then definitely I must be Divinity walking among men!

Really this is a mystery and getting it is optional:
There’s a Spirit inside me, making my God-ness functional
The Spirit crowned the King-Priest, making his throne operational
The King-Priest pulls out a gun and puts the Minion in his place for now

Before now I had to memorise the whole constitution
With Minion as the Chancellor of my institution
Now I’m free to really live, no more checking off a list
All I need is to live in love, not checking how often I sin

Truly Minion is dead
But you know what’s funny?
Sometimes he pretends
To be alive, like a zombie

I know it sounds crazy but I swear it’s all really true
Minion is the old you, but now the King-Priest is really you

These two thrones don’t really battle anymore
The Firstborn, before the world was formed already won the war

So if at all there’s any need to fight again
Any need to run a race
Its only to work in rest and lose to gain
Any other work is a disgrace to Grace


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