Day 18: ONE

They say he’s crazy but I doubt they’ll ever understand
How a mere human being could claim to be more than a man
He says he’s God, so they wanna stone him
Insist it can’t be capital ‘G’, does he wanna dethrone Him?
But he has a deeper knowledge that they really don’t
He knows who he is and who he will be, so he’s really bold
To declare to the whole world what he really knows
To be true, but they say his speech is either blasphemy or dangerously close

He called himself the Son of Man, but he was God’s word incarnated
He fulfilled the law by breaking most of it without being incarcerated
But if he broke the Law severally, how come the apostle said he knew no sin?
Grapple with the question but know that you’ll live forever if truly you know him
And the One who sent him
Who is the One who sent you
The one who Daniel called the One is the one who presents you
As one with Christ, and thus, one with God
One in life and One in love


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