Day 19: SLOTH

In the event that I wake up before you do, please understand this one thing: it’s not me, it’s you.
I watched you laze around all day, floating semi-consciously from one tepid frivolity to the other, barely sitting up to eat the food I cooked.
I gently prodded you to make something better of your life. But you wouldn’t have it.

Read! No.
Write? No.
Think! No.

You have a problem. And your problem has an emblem. Or two. Or thr – no…just two that I know of.
The snail. The sloth.
Let’s make that one. The sloth. Because the snail does not exhibit the same annoying characteristics you do.
The snail is slow. But at least it puts in a modicum of effort. More than a modicum, as a matter of fact.

The sloth, however, is reputed to be the laziest mammal alive. Hence its appellation. A very appropriate one, mind you. This guy sleeps for eighteen hours everyday. Eighteen!

You plan to have a career in criminology. Criminology! And you spend your time and life lazing around, spending, nay, wasting your days. You think Sherlock Holmes rose to the top of criminology mythology by spending all day on Twitter and Whatsapp? If I hear!
You claim to believe in ‘smart work’ over ‘hard work’. That’s fine. Or it would have been if you actually even do ‘smart’ work. You seem to be a stranger to the practicality of the concept of work.

Don’t tell me about faith! Come on! Faith demonstrates itself through conscious, conscientious, consistent effort! Grace? Grace amplifies effort! Effort must be made! Stop all this religious pseudo-spiritual empty-headed vanity!

If I haven’t made it clear yet, your problem is laziness. KJV would call it ‘slothfulness’ (sound familiar?).

The sloth doesn’t go anywhere. Slothfulness isnt taking you anywhere either.

The lazy man says ‘There is a lion in the streets’ and refuses to go out.

Think about it: if the lion shows up at your door, would you be safer inside or if you were out already?

The hand of the diligent bears rule. A man skillful and diligent in his business will stand before kings, and not just before nobodies.

Get up and live life. Put the phone down. Switch off the tab. Shut down the laptop.

Learn. Live. Love.

You’re welcome.

(As for the other issue, we’ll discuss that later)


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