Day 24: Dear Life

Dear Life,
I hope you know you don’t deserve to hear from me
Because the way you treat me shows that you don’t even care for me
All i wanted was to learn a little and love a lot
But now, I lay awake all night, and I’m lost in thought
I’ve had my body bruised and my heart broken and you did nothing
Screaming and kicking, you never gave me your ear for a discussion
I’m sorry I have to get so candid in addressing you
But most people say you ain’t fair, and now i know its very true
Bolaji had a first class in Industrial Physics
Six years ago, till today he’s still searching for a job that fits him
Patricia married the man of her dreams
Then started living a nightmare, now she rarely ever sleeps
Debo was supposed to be on his way to the Olympics
But its been three weeks since he went missing
Daniel happemed to be the brightest in his class
But how bright do you have to be to survive a plane crash?

I could decide to blame Adam for these circumstances
Like “Dude, if you didn’t eat the fruit, we’d still be in the garden!”
Well, maybe not, because based on our current population
We would have to spread round the globe, and start dominating
But at least we would be free from all our struggles
There’d be no need to disagree or start breaking bottles
But I know a bit about the power of the moment
So I refuse to stay in the past, it’s time for forward movement
Now I know everything happens for a reason
But if death is all we can hope for, then how could this be living?
But Life, you would be careful if you really knew me
‘Cause two can play this game, and not in just in the movies
There’s a power within me that’s daily activated
Ensuring I keep winning, no matter what I’m faced with
So I choose to believe that Life is beautiful
And it becomes so, my faith produces miracles


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