“I’ll be there for you…”, so goes the opening line of the song used in the opening montage of the popular 90’s sitcom, Friends.
Well, I have friends that are always there for me *tongue out* and they are dope!
I’ve always wanted to write an ode to my friends, old and new, young and old, near and far. But my fear has been, what if I leave someone’s name out? Me no like trouble o…except I’m the one making the trouble happen, you know?
So! How are we gonna make this happen? Quite simply, actually.
Its like this:

You know you’re my friend if:

We glance at each other and smile, knowing exactly what we’re thinking about.
You love rap music.
You know the lyrics to my songs, especially the ones from ‘way back’.
You operate by the ‘bro code’.
We use the word ‘sly’ with each other often.
We talk scriptures.
We talk music.
We hate conventions and wrong ideas.
We make music together.
We play games together.
We watch movies together.
I’ve had a crush on you…or you on me.
We pray for and with each other.
We push ourselves to be the best we can be, but we never have to try to impress each other.
We inspire each other.
I (or you) ask “How far that _____ parole na?” (Babe, work, course)
I’ve slept in your room before.
You’ve come to my room severally but didn’t meet me.
You’ve slept in my room before.
We’ve taken dope pictures together.
We’ve shared dreams and future plans.
I’ve told you “If I bite you”.
I’ve bitten you.
You call me by a special name.
We’ve shared emotions (I’m angry at someone, so you get angry at the person too or vice versa. Or we’re simply angry at the same person for the same reason. Substitute any other emotion you want for anger.)
You abuse me about my phone for ages then get slightly envious when I get a new phone.
We take walks and talk (or not). Just because.
You understand exactly what my ‘one-cheek smile’ means
We have inside jokes that nobody else can find funny, even when we try to explain. (Kpa!)
We don’t communicate for years at a time, but we both know we’re still friends (so please pick up your phone and call me right now).
You know I dont take butter.
We’ve ever gone out to read together overnight.
I say “I love you” and it’s not weird ’cause you know I mean it (and not in a weird way).
You’ve eaten food I cooked.
You don’t believe I know how to cook.
I’ve eaten your food.
We’ve served punishment together.
We have debates where we know we’re both right but we keep at it for hours on end.
I’ve stabbed a class because of you.
You can’t figure out why, for the life of me, I studied what I studied. (me sef!)
We’ve shared a room before.
You know about my habit that has to do with my hand and my face.
We can complete each others’ sentences so sometimes we dont bother saying everything.
We just enjoy being with each other, even if there’s nothing to do or say.

Lastly, you know you are really really really my friend if absolutely nothing here seems to ring a bell but you know we’re still tight like that!


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