Day 28: Eye See

He smiled, lips dripping with unfettered sarcasm as he contemplated her startling naïveté.

“You think I don’t know what I’m saying, right?” She sparked.
“I never-”
“Oh, come off it, Tunde! I know that smile all too well!”

The truth was, she indeed had no idea what she was saying. Or its multifaceted implications. All she knew was what she saw.

But what exactly did she see?

She saw him at the mall, a beautiful lady in tow, all smiles. And all her insecurities surfaced.

All of them.

She hurriedly disappeared before questions would arise about her despair. She wasn’t sure how exactly she arrived in her room.

“Tunde, I don’t care what you did. All I need is for you to tell me! What are you hiding?”

“Alright darling. The jig is up! I thought I would be able to keep it a secret but I guess secrets have no place in a marriage.”

“Damn right, they don’t!”

He walked towards the wardrobe and brought out a red box tied with a ribbon.

“Trying to bribe me won’t wor-”

“Open it”

She untied the ribbon and opened the box.

Her look of amazement turned to a full-scale smile as the dots connected in her mind. Suddenly, everything clicked and she burst into laughter.

“Oh! I see!”


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