Day 29: Of Stables And Horses

Ho, there!
Leave your busy life
And hark
While I concoct curious tales
Of stables and horses

What makes a being what it is?
Is it what it calls itself?
Or what it was called to be?

Cantankerous questions, you say!
Ravings of a lunatic!
Please bear with my idiocy for a bit

I quite understand when we animate life issues
And take the ‘bull’ by the ‘horns’
But I have quite an issue
Not with creative forms
But these ‘stables’ they seem to come from

Who resides in these stables?
Horses, no doubt!
For when one of them has ought to say;
We say, “Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth”!

Horsing around, for I love me some horseplay
I wonder what exactly these horses say
Examine some more curiosities with me today

Little wonder they call themselves ‘neigh-bours’
Why, horses neigh!
From stall to stall in stables

We make hay
While the sun shines
Run our carriages on horsepower
But the needle we seek
In the haystack is not ours


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