Day 30: Be Grateful

What if the sun didn’t rise this morning?
What if you woke up to an oxygen hike?
What if you simply dropped dead when you started yawning?
Or if God himself went on strike!?

These are awful questions that we keep asking
But gratefulness shouldn’t be so tasking
Don’t thank God for the absence of bad things
But the presence of the good things lasting

Plastic burns and turns to rubber
Burning rubber turns traffic to a pile of ashes
Ashes begin from magic wood striking paper
And it’s striking what I discovered:

Its for the little things we should most grateful be
But sometimes our wants cloud our vision
So we fail to see, so painfully
All the blessings we’ve already been given

If God has supplied all you need
Just lift your eyes and I’m sure you’ll see
Like Hagar did, with thirsty Ishmael
In the desert exists, a replenishing well


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