Day 31: Just Do It!

“Do you know where you’re going to?”
That’s the question Star Quest winning band, The Pulse, alongside rap veteran Busta Rhymes, asked on their international mega-collaboration, Pray Sotey Remix.
Sincerely, I didn’t know where I was going when I started this challenge, neither did I even pray specifically about it for a second, talk less of praying ‘sotey’. I didn’t have any grand visions of starting a writing movement or whatnot. I just wanted to write. And get better. And keep writing. And keep getting better at writing, and getting better at keeping at writing.
But I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ve enjoyed expressing myself, and discovering dimensions. I’ve enjoyed insight into my creative process, discovered that it doesn’t even really take much to do much; just start where you are. I’ve discovered that a poet is just like the spiritual man of holy writ, who “judges all things, but is judged by no one”.
I’ve discovered that, while this might be my first ’60-day challenge’, it will most certainly not be my last. Heck, I might even patent or trademark the concept!
I’m already thinking of 60-day challenges involving several things, both public and private…music, reading, songwriting, beatmaking, adventure creating…and more!
I appreciate everyone who has supported me thus far, either actively or passively, with comments about my writing, articles of your own or others, sharing my articles, suggesting I start a Whatsapp group, suggesting I start a blog, and other wonderful things you all did.
Such wonderful people you are!
To those who keep telling me “I’m not the writing type” or other variations of it, I say “Don’t think, write!”. To those “writers” who are just observing and failing to let their pens (or devices,as the case may be) bleed ink, to you I say “Don’t be a writer, write!”
My friend just discovered this weekend that he can dance. He always thought he couldn’t , so he never bothered. Then he did it, one way or the other. Now you can’t stop the guy. He’s a dancing machine!
As much as there’s a place for planning, thinking and strategizing, there’s nothing that compares to doing.

Act! Do!

Chairman do something…pamurege!

See, even Jesus compared a person who hears (and thinks, and plans…etc) without eventually acting on it to a foolish man who built his house on a foundation of sand.
The wise man is the one that receives inspiration, instruction, knowledge and understanding then goes ahead to ACT on it!
Too much analysis leads to paralysis.
Beware, lest you begin to suffer from analysis-paralysis.
Get rid of whatever it is: fear, laziness, pride, past failure(s), insecurities, inexperience, inadequacies…aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!

Be like Nike.

Just do it!


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