Day 32: Come So Far (Verse 2)

I woke up with a start
And with tears in my heart
Cos I dreamt about the stars
In my past now
And though i never back down
I wonder at the future “Will this love ever last now?”
First things first, I’m hoping you don’t remember me
‘Cause what we had is now just a memory
But I dream of the future in past tense
If I meet you in my future, I’m still gonna take that chance
Dive in heart-first, ain’t worried where my head is at
And when we lay down, it don’t matter where the bed is at
Fall asleep in my arms, you know I’ll protect you
Be my queen, be my star, never gonna let you
But I’ll let you know you’re the best, boo
And even when I’m sleeping I can never forget you
Must have been dreaming when I met you
But I swear I’m wide awake right now so let’s get to it


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