Day 34: I, Miss, You

It happened again
Like it often happens
I picked my pen
Ink need not be sharpened

Something awesome happened yesterday
Guess who I wanted to tell it to
I picked up the phone to say
I, Miss, You

It happened again
Like it had never happened before
We spoke face to face
But it was a different you I saw

There used to be nothing between us
Now the walls were fully up and glued
My coded battering rams were key force
I, Miss, You

It happened again
This time not by mere happenstance
I cried out in pain
I had your blood on my hands

Something awful happened today
The first I wanted to tell was you
But you were the cause, so all I could say
I, Miss, You

It’s happening again
Like it happened before
Maybe once, maybe twice
Someone is unlocking the door

I made a firm resolution
That if we get a second chance
I would prepare the same solution
And ask you to dance

It’s happening again
This time with a different character
We are young and aflame
But patience serves the master

Something awesome happened today
I was going to call her
But it’s still too early to say
If we will pray at the altar

So what if it happens again?
I will tread softly with reckless abandon
If it must grow, there must be rain
Nothing, nothing in this play is random

Something awesome is happening soon
I call it the premiere
“I, Miss, You”
Will be the movie of the year


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