Day 35: Two Ways

Verse 1
My homie told me there’s only two ways we can make it
In this music industry you gotta stay creative
First way is blend in, just go with the flow
Roll with the punches, drift with the tide, go where they go
If its popping, if its the trend, then you gotta do it
Whether na local rap or dance, you gotta get into it
The second way is stand out, set yourself apart
Connect to the people that understand your art
Forget all the people causing pain to your heart
Make music that can touch somebody where they are
I said “I get it bro, I really do. Best believe.
So which path are you gonna choose for your legacy?”
He said “Fam, imma stand out till my feet hurt
Still gone make it into the building, I hope the keys work!”

Verse 2
We still here, and we tryna make it
I get on a knee and try to tie my laces
Stumbled a few times, won a couple races
Looked nurses in their faces,told em I’m not a patient
I’m not impatient
I see the finish line
But there’s a lotta work to do before it’s finish time
I’m way outta my league, but hey, I’m feeling fine
If you see a clock that’s deceased, it’s ’cause I’m killing time
I worked on sweetening my flow, so y’all can get a bar
Think it’s about four years ago, first time I met a star
Homegirl told me there’s only two ways to make it
Either get suited up or get ready to strip naked
But she put on the full armor so the choice is obvious
But the choices most are making are making me nauseous
The results are making me cautious
I hope I don’t fall while faulting my conscience

Verse 3
Yeah, they told us there’s only two ways to make it
Either say what you believe or believe what you’re saying
I’m praying the pages are far from where the stage is
Cos I just can’t spit from a script that’s prefabricated
I really hate it, it looks like we all gotta compromise
The money or the message, what’s your bottomline
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
Or is the top brass just meaner to the other guys?
There’s far more than two ways to be two-faced
But I’ll be innocent of getting tongue-tied if my shoes lace
There’s only two ways to be too great
But most of us don’t get to look straight till its too late
You wait while I try to balance the two weights
Of trying to get down to work and still trying to look great
I guess to love is more important than to hate
So choose today, to take the better of the two ways


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