Day 37: I Am You

The thought is
Slightly unnerving
In a few years
I’ll be you

I’m already
So much like you
The last one year
Proved that to me

Our differences
Are really similarities
I like tight fitting clothes
For the same reason you like ‘free’ clothes

It runs in our blood
I took it a step further
Rhythm and poetry

I’ve learnt so much from you
A summary would not suffice
God, family, humanity
The most important things in life

Simplicity and depth
The paradox of your lifestyle
Nothing is complicated
The power of networking, Wi-fi

Smart-work, not hard-work
Working hard with your brain
Dedication and diligence
Disciplined intelligence

A heart for people
A heart for God
A drive for progress
A heart of love

I love you
And its not weird to say
I also learnt from you
That I should never be too old to play

Pray without ceasing
Live a life of constant communion
Everything is spiritual
Even being part of a trade union

Lessons you taught me
I can never forget
You taught me how to trust me
You threw me up and caught me

Sometimes you make me angry
If you don’t, who will?
But I know you always care
If you don’t, who will?

I’ll make you proud
What choice do I have?
There’s no other way out
I’ll do my best with what I have

You told me
I could be whatever I plan to
A glance in the mirror confirms
I am you


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