Day 38: Today’s Celebrants

Today, June 22nd, 2015 happens to be the day a few of the special people in my life celebrate their birthdays.

Allen Oluwasegun James ‘Santiago’. I met this dude when we both served as leaders in RCF, OAU. A student of Architecture, he was selected to serve as the Editor-In-Chief of the fellowship. We worked closely early in our tenure, collaborating for a dramatic demonatration of a poetic piece.
He’s a wonderful human being, with a super bass voice and sense of humour off the charts. I remember him joking with me that he would steal my fair lady. Not a chance bro.
Santiago, I love you and I celebrate you.

Ogunjobi Olufemi “Xhairller”.
Truly this man excels in all he does. We were together in the drama family of RCF…and we had too many wonderful times together. A man of intellect, vision, a capable leader, caring, hardworking…a bundle of greatness!
Xhairller, I love you and I celebrate you.

Dania Omokhose ‘Khose’.
Wow! This lady is a revolutionary. I’m not your normal person you meet on the street, so you should understand when I say I’ve met very few people who seem to think like me in almost every way. Khose is one of them. Her mind is absolutely amazing. Right ideas, right thoughts, right expressions! She’s really a bundle. Passionate, energetic, empathetic, brimming and bursting with progressive ideas.
Khose! I love you and I celebrate you!


Adeleke Adebayo Adetunji ‘Triple A’ ‘Adeadeone’ ‘MD’ ‘Chairman’…(etc, etc)
Chairman mi! Idobale ni mo wa! Tuale baba! Owo meji f’enikan!
Hmm! Baba niyen!
I saw his picture today and I was like “Who wears native on a Monday?” Even though I don’t really care for the corporate dressing rules and all, personally. But, as a boss, you know what it is!
This man is already a lot of things I aspire to be. Dedicated to his family like no man’s business, dedicated to his business because of his family. Focused, visionary, a leader by default. An entrepreneur and investor. A mentor and adviser. A missionary by calling. A poet by gifting.
He’s poured so much into me. I’ve benefitted immensely from his wealth of wisdom, experience and insight.
He’s my biggest supporter. Heavily involved in whatever I do…from my life, to my work, music, writing, business, and several other passions of mine.
I reflected a while ago on how much I am becoming like him. And I’m liking the fact too.
Dad! You’re the best father I couId ever have asked for. I love you and I celebrate you!


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