Day 39: Warm Bodies

I fear for my generation
Most of us can’t handle a decent conversation
Without looking at a screen
Scream at me
That’s all I need
That’s all I ask
Don’t reply my long-winded tale
They call it social media
But who’s fooling who?
Are you fooling me?
Or am I fooling you?
These tools have made us fools
Reduced the power of our human communication
To a series of grunts, uhns, ahs and oohs
Mmhmms too
What I really want
Is to sit next to that pretty ‘shy’ lady
And unravel the mysteries within her beautiful mind
But mind you
She has nothing but a few words to mutter
We exchange contacts
Just to chat for hours on Whatsapp
I stepped into a silent room
A silent room containing 12 young men
There was no meeting
But a different device held each man’s attention
Warm bodies
Living but barely alive or lively
What happened to the days of
“Pictures don’t tell lies
Ask Instagram
Don’t get me wrong
We have far more power to communicate
Than in decades past
For that I’m grateful
But what if the pros of post modernism
Have conned us into some kind of
High-minded non-communicationism?
Deep thoughts from a shallow mind
Let’s have a debate for the fun of it
Smack me playfully while I poke fun at your accent
Running around yelling until onlookers say ‘Come off it!’
It looks good and it feels great
But where is the connection?
You want airwaves and radiation
I want conduction and convection
I want to communicate
I don’t just want to sit beside
Warm bodies
With blood flowing through
But no life or liveliness
I want to interact with
Real people
Not screens, devices and emojis
Human beings
And not just warm bodies

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