Day 4: The Exorcism

Bring the chains
Bind him
Come on!
Are you scared?
Bind him!

Don’t let him overpower you
Didn’t you eat this morning?
Bind him!!!!


Get me the drum of holy water
Bring me a new cruse

Welcome to the exorcism

Don’t you see?
This is what we all seem to do, think and be
Riddled with wrong ideas
Wash the outside of the pot,
While the innards continue to rot

White coffin
That’s what my brother called him
All dressed up
Freshed up
Mind all messed up
Yes, but…

What you see is what you get
Isn’t it?


Look beyond what you see
Cos you ain’t seen nothing yet

My kinsmen call him ‘Were alaso’
The well-dressed madman
You can hardly tell at a glance
We have plenty of them in the land

Demons lurk behind
The dark curtains of every mind
My mission is to exorcise
My generation of these disembodied lies

So forgive me if I splash a bottle of holy water on your mind
From time to time
Drown you in the river of life
Before you get the chance to decline

Until it is no more a lie
When you say “I’m fine”
The water did the demons drive
You have truly been exorcised@FIFtheMyth

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