Day 41: Stage Play

The world is a stage, and I am an actor
So I study my script’s pages and stay in character
Sometimes I stray when I try to improvise
But it doesn’t pay when I walk out of the light
My director sees the whole stage
But sometimes I think I know better
He knows what I need on the cold days
I take my role play through the cold weather
I can’t believe they call this thing ‘play’
This right here is hard work!
No dress rehearsals
But I enjoy the director’s grace
Sometimes I get it wrong before I get it right
But hey, this is life!

Life is in stages and men are in sizes
Written in pages and then reenacted
So its only fitting I had to write this
Every line my pen writes is for men to be impacted
If my life is a stage play, I’ll follow the script
I’m ready to present ’cause my life is a gift


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