Day 42: Doing What I Enjoy

Today is Friday. June 26 2015 AD (Anno Domino, After Death, Actual Disruption…whichever you like!)
Today happens to be the last Friday in June. I’m currently drinking garri and kuli kuli with cold water after a long exciting day doing what I enjoy.
I’m about to hook up another screen to my laptop so I can pretend to watch a film while I write this.
(Give me a second…
Yeah…we good.
Oops, my pure water poured. Smh.
Back to my garri…one spoon, two-
What is that/ Chai. An insect came from nowhere to spread its wings inside my garri. Meal over.)
Alright! So now I’ve hooked up my screen and I’m pretending to do two things at once; watch a movie and write. Movie title: Get Hard. Two words: Kevin Hart. I’m ready to laugh.
(Wow I’m laughing already.
Ok that does it. Pause.)
Today! I enjoyed today so much because I spent it doing all the things I enjoy.
I attended a drama night, which I always enjoy. I performed on a stage. Rap performance. Venue Amphitheatre, OAU. Audience about five thousand or so. I enjoy performing on any stage. I didn’t enjoy this particular performance as much as I anticipated because of some technical issues.
But it’s all good.
I interacted with several people dear to me. Several. Let me spare you the many details. And this was all before 4:30am!
Then I slept. I know it’s quite weird, but I’m one of those few people that actually enjoy sleep. When I’m awake, I absolutely enjoy my wakefulness, when I’m asleep, I enjoy my sleep and when I can’t sleep, I enjoy my sleeplessness. Check my tweets, you’ll likely see some #TeamInsomnia or #TeamNoSleep tweets. But I enjoy digressing.
I woke up sometime past the time when the sun should ideally be in the middle of the sky. I enjoy doing that.
I interacted with my peeps, took my bath, brushed my teeth , washed and got out of the room. I enjoyed each and every one of these activities.
(I’m tired of the silence, so I just have to play some music. Asa it is. ‘How did love find me’ is the track. I enjoy listening to music.)
I went to the NIN Enrollment Center in my neighborhood just to find out they had closed and I had to come back on Monday to be (over)identified as a Nigerian. Bummer. I definitely did not enjoy that.
I walked in the rain to the studio of Great FM, OAU’s radio station where I currently volunteer as a sound engineer and producer. Interacted with the wonderful folks there. Olayinka, Radio Augustina, Justina, Simi, DJ Wantsmore, Ademolu and Deroj.
(My playlist has moved on, by the way, ‘The One Who Never Comes’ by Asa now playing. I love Asa.)
My aim for being at the studio today was to record a new song for the station. We were just jamming at the studio on Tuesday when we composed it. I find the one we currently use so disgusting. Sincerely. When I got there, the key players I wanted to record were not around. So I just chilled. Then Mr Damola Crown, the studio manager came around. He was like “Let’s make it happen”. So we started recording. One thing led to another and boom…Pbella in the building! Then I really started having fun. Pbella has an awesome voice. The kind you’d like to eat. We had fun recording the song. If you are in Ife, watch out for it. I enjoy making music. Trust me.
(Playlist update: Shine your lights, Eyo, Satan be gone.)
I talked with Deroj about coming on one of his radio shows. I think we eventually settled for next week Saturday or so. I enjoy being on air.
(Ordinary People by Cobhams Asuquo.)
I left the studio sometime after 8pm with DJ Wantsmore. We chatted a bit about the vanity of parties. I’ll spare you the details. I enjoy talks of a philosophical nature.
I called a friend who refused to tell me something she’d earlier wanted to. “Don’t worry”, she said. I was disappointed. I enjoy caring for my friends. I don’t enjoy hearing “Don’t worry”.
But it’s all good though.
There’s someone I’ve wanted to call all week, but I’ve been procrastinating. I hope I don’t enjoy procrastinating.
And I have yet someone else to call. I enjoy talking with her.
A friend called me while I was writing this. She said she needed to see me. I was like “Let’s make it happen!” I enjoy receiving calls from my friends.  I enjoy seeing them even more.
I came to the room and drank garri for the first time in about a month, which is strange, if you know me at all! I enjoy drinking garri.
Then I sat down to write. I enjoy writing
I’m enjoying this challenge
I’m enjoying life.
I’m doing what I enjoy.
What do you enjoy?

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