Day 45: Today

I was in a bus today
The bus almost hit another bus today
I’ve got to say
I’m so grateful but I’m not sure if that’s enough to say

For the first time in my life
I used a vending machine today
And it felt so nice
To use a Naira note to pay

I was simply curious
And excited too
I bought chocolate, I’m serious
I was delighted to

I cooked today
For the first time in a few months
I read a book today
But the pages only took a few turns

I made music today
Enjoying my gift, I had to use it today
I debated today
Simply for the fun of it, so I debated to play

I chilled with a friend today
Enjoyed her company so much before she went away
In my presence, two of my friends messed today
Definitely I was so blessed today

Its been a while today
I made a diva smile today
I hope I made her change her mind today
I hope she returns to re-sign where she resigned today

I spoke with a friend today
For two hours, with a whole lot left to say
I didn’t want to send a text today
Tried to call her but the number didn’t connect today

I believe in a bright future
Actually, I believe that tomorrow doesn’t really exist
All we ever truly have is today
So join me while I make the most of it

Because when Tomorrow comes
What we’ll discover is
Today is the result
Of all we ever did
When Yesterday was still



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