Day 46: They Said

They said “Think outside the box.”
I said “Which box?”
They said “Roll with the tide.”
I said “I’m going to make waves!”

They said “Drift with the punches.”
I said “I’ve got my gloves on.”

They said “Get ready!”
I said “I was ready before I was born.”

They said “Take care.”
I said “I’m taking charge.”

They said “Seeing is believing.”
I said “Believing is seeing.”

They said “Watch it!”
I said “Watch me.”

They said “Love is overrated.”
I said “Love is underrated”

They said “You only live once.”
I said “I’m gonna live forever.”

They said “If you can’t beat them, join them.”
I said “I already beat them, so join me.”

They said “Keep the peace.”
I said “Hand me a sword!”
They said “Is that even possible?”
I said “Just watch and learn.”

They said “What makes you think you can do it?”
I said “I already did it.”
They said “Who do you think you are?”
I said “I am who I am. Who are you?”
Then they had nothing else to say.


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