Day 47 Rolling Stone

“Joseph, where exactly are we going with this?”
“This what?”
“This…this….I don’t know, Joseph! What are we? What are we doing?”
“Well, Susan, I don’t know for sure what exactly it is we’re doing, or what we are, or where we’re going with all of this…but I know one thing: I’m enjoying every bit of it.”
“Well, I’m enjoying it too. Honestly. I just…”
“…Go on”
“I just – Look I’m turning twenty eight this year and….I need to know where I’m going in life!”
“Susan! What’s this all of a sudden? What’s the meaning of all this?”
“Ok, ok. Calm down. Let me put it like this: who am I to you? You definitely dont treat me like you treat other ladies…”
“You take me out on dates, to social functions like dinners, buy me all these nice things. But you’ve never told me specifically who I am to you.”
“Susan, my darling. You know how much I-”
“Don’t sta-”
“Hold on. Let me finish. You know how much I love you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“Awww! Really?!”
“Really! I can’t imagine being away from you for one second. I’m always thinking about you. I feel like a part of me is missing whenever you’re not here.”
“Hmm. You’ve said that before. But then, why have you dodged everytime I say I want to meet your family?”
“Su, I told you before; the time just isn’t right.”
“Oh! The time isn’t right! The time isn’t right? The time has never been right! For six years, Joseph! Six freaking years, for crying out loud! Are we going to wait until we’re sixty before we get married?”
“Wait…who ever said anything to you about marriage?”


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