Day 48 Red-Eyed Monster

O red-eyed monster
Whom my soul desires to conquer
Why do you torment me thus?

Did I not give you yesterday’s allocation?
Why then do you seek to expose my hideout’s location?
Stop it. It’s enough

You drag me from my cozy nest
Before I do what I regret
O red-eyed monster

This beautiful deal we have
This love-hate relationship is bad
More for me than for you

You always push me around
Make me run up and down
But you’re not the boss of me!

I always need more of what you give
Only that it isn’t even yours to give
You just announce how much I have left

You remind me of my yesterday
And the things I have left to do and say
Well, I can’t deny you speak the truth

I remind you of what the future holds
You laugh at me and blink and glow
Really? I’m so ticked!

You tell me how much I’ve grown
And tales of old, of blood and bone
You pinch my dreams apiece

When I lay on my bed
You scream at me, your eyes red
“Get up! Sleep is for mortals!”

But one day, before I retire
I will rip your heart out, cut your wires
And find that sweet rest that fulfills my soul’s desire

O red-eyed monster


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