Day 49 Oluyinka



That’s what you say when you don’t know where exactly to start from.

I’m not one for dates, so pardon me when I say I can’t remember the very date of the day I first met her.

But I remember the day all too well.

It was a Sunday.She was in a red t-shirt and blue jean skirt that day (hope my memory serves me correctly!). She came for “Smilz AUDITION”. Like, everybody serious…game face on and all. But she was not the least bit intimidated. She smiled all through, and it was immediately apparent to me that this was someone I would like even before I got to know her better.

Get to know her better I did. And I liked her…and she liked me too! Dope! Thus we became friends.

(“I thought “Who’s this unserious fellow?”” That was one of her comments about me during the variety evening of her set’s induction into Smilz. I was standing in front…and I laughed hard!)

Tees, jeans and sneakers like “Girl on point!”. That beautiful smile. And then she likes rap. And she’s my fan too(hope I’m not jonzing o!).Omó dè já grace bíi! What’s not to like?

(I wrote a verse in a song about an encounter I once had with her. I’ve recorded the song since forever, but its not due for release yet.)

When I was carried, she wanted to start Oga-zoning me, but I caught her. “How can I touch my Oga like that?” Who says that? I would just shake my head and be like “Yinka, what’s doing you?”(I forgive you!)

Ever on-point Mama Welfare; “Welfare is more than just food”. Even Odus and Theophilus that were always begging me to impeach her knew that they couldn’t have found a replacement. Go anywhere and search. “Ahnahn…Yinka, my own welfare nau?” “Ah, Oga, protocol tins na” “Which protocol, you and who?” “But you’re in front!” “And so?” “We didn’t serve Oga Sunday and Oga Bukky like -” “Enhen? Do I look like Oga Sunday?”

(I’ve still not forgotten our cake o!)

I’m sha glad she stopped calling me Oga after I gave the next Oga the Oga tin. Because no matter on what level we worked together, friends is what we are.

And then there’s that thing she wanted to tell me that she didn’t tell me again. “Don’t worry. It’s not important. Thanks for the concern.” The thing pained me ehn! I forgive you dear, but I’m still curious. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat.

Permit me to say she is beautiful, but the larger component of her  beauty is unseen. Ever ready to learn, and teach, eager to establish truth and justice, diligent, enterprising, obedient, submissive, courteous, caring, creative, ever-smiling, responsible and responsive, fast-talking, bold, direct without being harsh or blunt, wise, fashion-conscious, spiritual without being religious, sincere, inquisitive, truthful, inspired, inspiring, inspirational, simple and straightforward with an interesting and engaging personality, spirit-filled, tongue-talking, demon-chasing, heaven-seated…click this link for more details!

She’s a bundle…she’s a blessing (not in disguise, obviously!).

Adeyeye Tofunmi Oluyinka aka “Olu-Yk”, I celebrate you like the future. Not just because today is your birthday, but because I’m grateful and blessed to have you as my friend.  I love you and I’m proud of you. Keep rising, keep shining, keep winning!


Yours dopely,

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