Day 50 The Manifesto (24 Bars)

I am not gospel, I am not secular
Any stage, I rock you, I am not regular
Hand me the microphone, you know the flow gone be spectacular
Plan to ignite your soul, my goal to blow your mind, nebula
Most this mindless music just messing up your medulla
You were thinking straight before, now its hard to get it up
No, let me talk, though I know my words are very sharp
I’m bringing you a gift, i hope you like the way I rap it up
I keep feeding you, and feeding you, till you’ve had enough
I’m mad enough to add it up, abacus
Mad at us cos, we aim the matadors
Pardon us, but you either lost or biting dust if you don’t wanna be part of us
Aim is to transform
Hail, rain or sand storm
Any means necessary
We gone be legendary
Substance the goal
Stop, plan, then go
Infiltrate the game with enough hands to go
Try to imitate the plane, but its up, down you go!
Irrigate the flames with kerosene, now I’m ablaze, time to glow!
Make no mistake, the antidote is here
Be afraid, be scared, we armed, we dope!
We armed with hope
That’s the alarm we blow
And if you ain’t rolling deep, you gone find it hard to cope
I’m here to open up your mind, I mean thought provoke
I hope you paid attention, to the thoughts I spoke


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