Day 52 Pair Paradox

Now let’s examine the paradox of a pair of dots
Positioned in juxtaposition to the fear of God
The fear of love is the beginning of wisdom
I’ve been dumb for a long time till I seen some
Real life experience
Really I pity us
We hideous inside as individuals
The neediest are still the greediest
Check Wikipedia
Immediately end the intimacy with the stinking media
Its easier to mediate before you meditate
But really we in need in of grace before we levitate
But hey, make no mistake, today’s another day
For faith, don’t be a stray or be a runaway
Straight up
Fight your case with the mayor
Sign a page on a paper
Kindly say you a prayer
Find your way to the saviour
He’s near
Emancipator of fear
The real reason I release the master faders
Navigators are clear

Now let’s examine the paradox of a pair of dice
Positioned in juxtaposition to a paradise
The fear of lice is the beginning of hygiene
I might seem mean, but I mean
Why be clean or risk being seen if there weren’t consequences?
Declaring blessings, interestingly getting confidences
Keep getting questions from life, often open-ended
When, where and why, is everything predestined?
Is there such a thing as luck, or everything is set in
The events that are set to happen
I don’t know, but I observe a pattern
Of history repeating itself every few chapters
Get the cameras rolling, I’m a news caster
All set and ready to go, so move faster
I kinda like the idea of a double six
Let me roll up my sleeves, and dig out a couple tricks


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