Day 53 I Don’t Know

Usually I’m the first to admit it
Now I don’t know

I find myself thinking about you a lot lately
But still I don’t know

I’ve been here before
Once, twice
Why I’m here again
I don’t know

I told my homeboy
You don’t plan it
It just happens
I don’t know

I told my homegirl
You gone fall hard when it hits you
She kinda agreed
But she says she doesn’t have time for that
Oh, but you have time for this?
Look, I don’t know

She kissed me
I kissed she
Should you believe me?
I don’t know

If I go down this path again
Where it will lead
I don’t know

Even Solomon
When asked
What exactly happens
Between a man and a woman
I don’t know

A lot can change in three days
All my brothers know this
How much baggage
Comes with this package
I don’t know

No pressure
Just natural progression
No messing around
I might be slow but I’m a go-getter
How long till I’m sure if you’re so special?
I don’t know

Sensible insensibilities
Nonsensical insensitivities
Are you kidding me?
I don’t know

Let’s enjoy this
While it lasts
But how long it will last
I don’t know

I sure don’t know a lot
But I’m sure of one thing
The Master’s plan
The Master Plan
I know enough
To trust Him
With everything
I don’t know

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