Day 54 Under My Skin

She curled up right next to him on the three-seater.

His eyes were closed, and he hummed along to the song that filtered through the air. “I’ve got you under my skin” was the song. That deep, husky voice always gave her the shivers. But in a good kind of way. Placing her head on his chest, she looked up into his face, so peaceful, content and nearly oblivious of the world around him. Save the music of course.

And her.

She always had his attention. He always had her adoration. She wasn’t sure of a lot of things. But she was sure of one thing. He was the one. No…capitalize that…THE ONE.

The security, peace and contentment she felt when she was with him was incomparable. She knew he loved her, and she needed no assurances.

“Hmm? What did you say?”
“I said I wonder how you got under my skin.”
He smiled. And she melted for the thousandth time.
He tickled her, and she jumped off the couch. He gave chase and they began running around the living room, giggling like two preschoolers.

He caught her eventually, and they both tumbled to the floor, laughing hysterically.
“Do you know who wrote that song?”
“No, I don’t. Who?”
“I don’t know either!”
And they burst out laughing. It was an inside joke. Something that happened on the first night of their honeymoon. With all the clumsiness…so hilarious! But that was then.

“Have I ever told you that I love you?”
“Well, I do!”
“Forever. Cross my heart and hope to die.”
“Come on, silly! Don’t hope to die! What would I do with myself?”
“You would probably die in no time too. I’ve got you under my skin.”

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