Day 55 Five-Five

Not 55 as in fifty five
But 55 as in five-five
Double grace

Leaders of Spirit
Humans, with limits
On course for one cause
Of course, we’re all flawed
Perfected, limitless

We laughed, we cried
We heaved and sighed
Blood, sweat and tears
Love, here and there
The language of grace

Stories to be told
New alliances formed
Glories to behold
At the break of dawn
Victory is assured

To be a Frontliner
You don’t need to be a long timer
Just a passion for the body
Please be ready to be a Daddy or Mummy
To your brothers and sisters

The pressure!
Oh! The pressure!
You must deliver
Quality from the river
Diamonds emerge

It is God at work
We enjoy the best
Of chilling things

The value of influence
Foxes in pairs turned tail to tail
Set ablaze
Running wild in the fields

Great generals
We dare not sheath our swords
Ever represent the Zionate federal
As we go into the world
Shouting, “Grace! Grace!”

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