Day 58 Legend (16 Bars)

I hope you’re happy to simply watch what is happening
A legend on the map, be simply glad to have me
Pat me on the back
Distract me with my craft
Master procrastinator, create craters when I impact
Put my heart in my art, if things fall apart, I’m chilling
The centre still holds the real gold, be a part of the vision
Be a part of the mission
Enlarge the path I’m treading
Get in step, get ready
For the flight to the heights we expecting
The anointing in my voice is by choice of the Spirit
I’m annoyed by the boys making noise, calling it lyrics
So i boil with this oil and spoil the ointment with wisdom
Wind em up like a toy, till they got no choice but to listen
So listen up, don’t put your ears to the ground
It’s the rap minister, finish ya till you scared to come around
Run around in the town to sounds I barely envisioned
I’ll be proud to be found where they’re sharing the vision

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