Day 6: THE CASTLE (Prologue)

Hi there.

I am writing this on what is probably the dawn of the 3rd of March. Or twilight of the 4th of July. I’m not too sure. What year it is, I am not at liberty to say. When you read this, I do not know where you will be. Or who. Or what.

I’m not too sure of anything these days. Even my gender.

I know though, that you will most likely currently be in the far future of my present present.

I know I sound crazy already (or read crazy, readily crazily…whatever). But, believe me, (hard as it may prove to be, as you will soon see) these are not simply the ravings of a socially malnourished lunatic. No sir, no. No. I beg to differ. Quite adamantly, if I may. No, please. Please.

They say truth is stranger than fiction. A trial will confuse you. They just don’t get it, do they? Who will believe me? Which right-minded, well-adjusted intellectual individual will dare to attest to the veracity of my preposterous preponderances?

Let me clue you in.

Take a seat. Prepare to take several, as I invite you into my world.

A world where shadows emit light, voices vomit pure evil, and myths come to life.

Welcome to a world where hopeful fear keeps the faithful few alive. Only the weak survive and the strong are left to die.

Welcome to THE CASTLE.


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