Day 60: 60 Days of Awesome!


I would have said I can’t believe it, but it’s happening like I knew it would, only bigger,so I better believe it! I started the 60 Day Writing Challenge ‘like play, like play’, on the 16th of May 2015, and it was awesome all the way!

I had a note on my computer where I wrote out a pool of topics for days when I would be ‘dry’ of inspiration. Also just something I could draw on if I needed to.

I never used even one.

There was always something fresh to write on everyday. Inspiration from above! Sometimes, two, three articles a day. As a matter of fact, I wrote some finished pieces I didnt release to the world. I still wrote quite a number of unfinished pieces though, mostly rap verses.

“A lot can happen in three days
All my brothers know this”

Truly, if a lot can happen in three days, then a whole lot more can transpire within the course of 60 days. And a lot did.

I’ll briefly outline some of the important things that happened in the last 60 days and some of the lessons i learnt.

1. Just do it!
I wrote about this on Day 31. There’s a lot of paralysis that tends to accompany (over)analysis, such that, in the bid to plan every single detail of an endeavour, you end up not doing what you set out to do.
That’s not the best.
I believe that what is ideal is this. Start something. Just start. Just begin to do. Learn as you go. Of course, make adequate preparation, as much as you can, but ‘preparation’ should not be a crutch that hinders you from doing the actual stuff. Once you’re sure of what it is you want to do, do it!
Dive into the ocean headfirst, and, one way or the other, you will learn to swim!

2. You are a writer
Yes, you! Stop looking back! Believe me, if you can think and speak, you can write! I started a group page on Whatsapp for those who would like to follow the progress of my challenge on the suggestion of a friend.
Most members of the group would keep saying “I’m not a writer!” And they would go on to write amazing and inspiring articles.

3. The power of platform, community and accountability
The Whatsapp group page provided a platform for people to be inspired to express themselves. It served as a community of writers that spurred readers to become writers. It helped discipline me, as I would know that, no matter how much I procrastinate or dilly-dally, I had an audience who would have me for breakfast the next morning (or a midnight snack!)

4. Writing is therapeutic
I went through some emotional higgy-hagga. And writing for the past sixty days really helped me let it out.
Writing can be really useful as a healing tool, a reeling tool, a feeling tool and a drilling tool! Writing can help you really explore and explain what you feel, how you feel and why you feel that way, even when you don’t know.

5. Do what you enjoy
Its that simple, really. We were created to enjoy life.

6. Say what you want
Say exactly what you want to say, exactly how you want to say it, regardless of whose ox is gored. Express yourself freely.

They said “Why would you say that?”
I said “Is it your say?”

7. Have a life
One of the things that really kept the challenge fun and exciting for me from day to day was the fact that each day’s activities gave me something to write or reflect on.
Most of my poems were based on my worldview, and current circumstances in my mind and (love)life. I even wrote articles in fact, fiction and faction genres.

7. The myth of inspiration
A lot of times, when people are asked why they don’t write, or don’t write often (or do any other thing for that matter), they often blame it on ‘lack of inspiration’.

That’s a truckload of gobbledygook.

Inspiration is good. It exists. But to think that the only time you can write is when you’re ‘inspired’ will severely limit your creative potential.
Start working on something…inspiration will come when you’ve started working!

8. The myth of brilliance
“But you’re good!” “No…I just write!” And that’s it. You don’t have to be brilliant to write. Just write, keep writing, and you will keep getting more and more brilliant.
Usain Bolt didn’t jump out the womb running. So…lace up!

9. The power of the Elders
There is power in associating yourself with elders. Elders might not necessarily be those that are older than you are, but also those that are more knowledgeable.
My parents, who I absolutely love,  respect, adore and cherish, supported me throughout this challenge.They were my biggest cheerleaders.
Everyone was shocked when they discovered that not just one, but BOTH my parents were on a group, interacting with several youths without detection for a long time.

They are just dope like that!

10. Drop your phone and live life.

11. Don’t stop.

12. Dream big
Let me get on my motivational tip for a minute.

“If you think you can achieve a dream, you’re not dreaming big enough! Every dream needs a team!”

I started out thinking that the 60 day challenge was something big. But I knew it could be done. The dream was probably too small.

Or maybe I just got bigger!

13. God is faithful!

14. I secretly dislike punctuation. That’s one of the reasons why i love poetry!

15. Remember Lara from Day 57: Found Love? Well, on Day 60, Andy finally decided he was sure and ready and asked her out.
She didnt waste any time.
You can guess what the answer was.
Yep…your guess is most likely right!

I hereby conclude my 60 day challenge by calling it…

60 Days of Awesome!

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