Day 8: No Room

Winter, it’s winter
Cold world out there
Come into my shelter
And be with me, my dear

Warm affection, plenty to leverage
But I’m giving it all to you
The tip of the iceberg, is this hot beverage
Anything to satisfy you

There’s plenty of room in my inn
Look around, look within!
Love smiles in every corner
Aromas dance atop the burner

You’ve taken a tour
Now it seems the bacon is sour
I have roasted my fatted calf
But you say you’ll stay no more

I ripped out my heart
My hands hugged my head
Even if this was the deal from the start
My eyes would still be red

But you prefer the manger
A bed of straw
To this fine linen
All that is mine could be yours

Believe me, the manger is dope
And really I trust you to cope (I hope!)
I trust you can eat what you cooked
Because now all my inn’s rooms are booked

There’s more to be seen, the more I look at it
The allure of a new queen, you had it
But please enjoy the manger, enjoy and love it
Don’t call back, “No room” is what you might hear from it


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