Day 9: Come So Far

I woke up with a start
Pulse quicken in my heart ’cause I dreamt about the stars
In my life now
And I can’t wait to write down
Everything I’ve seen till my dreams come alive now
Right now
I feel like I’m past the struggle
Not everything is magical, but I’m more than just a muggle
I doubled over in pain
I hustled, hoping to gain
Hold up let me explain bruh
I changed up
Resting in grace, I’m amazed when I gave it all up
Is when I gained it all for a change
Traded chains for a slave ship
Now I’m liberated, traded pain for a brain shift
Now I’m situated with the saints, get the gate fixed
Seated on the right of the Light, got my gaze fixed on the bright Star
And I’m hype, on a flight, never fright ’cause I’m safe like a night guard
Set to take the fight where the knights are

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