A Burden Dissolved

A Burden Dissolved

A Burden Dissolved

We all need love
We all need affirmation
A single sincere, kind word
Might be the next person’s salvation

Your smile may heal a broken heart
Your touch may soothe a soul
The little things, easy to start
Matter a lot more than you know

Depressed, suicide was on his mind
But in the bus on his way home
A certain lady spoke words so kind
She brought colours of hope to his weary, grey soul

He got home that day
And had his Last Supper
But then his memory of her replayed
Betrayed, he dialled her number

They spoke for over an hour
And immediately after
He felt a raw surge of new power
And he knew he couldn’t yet end the chapter

It’s been over fifteen years
And every time they tell their story
It never ceases to bring tears
To the eyes of those beholding

He says “She saved me from myself”
She says “No dear, you saved me from me!
I had a smile on my face and poison on the shelf
With plans to use it to eat!” You see, she had been diagnosed with a rare condition
That had severely affected her cognition
But simply because someone cared to listen
She began to thrive with care and acceptance

So don’t withhold affection
Don’t withhold your care
Listen patiently, pay attention
It helps them to know you’re there

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