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FIF – Love Storeys (EP)

“If this is love, then tell me why nothing’s sure/Acting all confident outside, inside we’re insecure” The journey to love is like ascending a storey-building. you start from the Ground Flaw, only to find out that she has insecurities, and you have Insecurities 2. If you’re lucky enough, you might get to meet Omolara. At some point, Read more about FIF – Love Storeys (EP)[…]

FIF – Elevator Pitch ft. Layi Glover (Prod. by FIF, Jakin and D1)

  I’m out here just contemplating/If love so good why we complicate it?   We all get to a point in relationships where we make a desperate, last-ditch attempt to convince the object of our affection to “better make up your mind” whether to go on together or not. That short, quick, Elevator Pitch. If Read more about FIF – Elevator Pitch ft. Layi Glover (Prod. by FIF, Jakin and D1)[…]

FIF – Insecurities 2 (ft. TiwaDara) (Produced by FIF)

On the heels of my Escapade Challenge with Ini Oluwa, I’m dropping a fresh single titled Insecurities 2! Our journey to, for, and through Love, often tends to be fraught with many insecurities. Past experiences of disloyalty and rejection keep the images of pain very vivid in our memories. And to the extent to which we Read more about FIF – Insecurities 2 (ft. TiwaDara) (Produced by FIF)[…]

Too Superstitious

Lately I’ve been listening to the radio. And it doesn’t take too long to realise that Africans are deeply religious and superstitious, sometimes even to the point of sending our mental faculties on vacation. Presenters bring up issues (mostly relationship issues, of course) and say “What do you think? Contribute to the conversation!” Then people Read more about Too Superstitious[…]

A Burden Dissolved

We all need love We all need affirmation A single sincere, kind word Might be the next person’s salvation Your smile may heal a broken heart Your touch may soothe a soul The little things, easy to start Matter a lot more than you know Depressed, suicide was on his mind But in the bus Read more about A Burden Dissolved[…]

One Word

There’s a popular game on the android platform called ‘4 pics 1 word’. In this game, 4 pictures and 12 letters are supplied. The aim is to guess the word that links all the pictures, using some or all of the letters given. Something interesting about this game struck me recently: you only really absolutely Read more about One Word[…]