Day 20: The Life Verses

Verse 1
I love you, you love me, but what I really hate is
I’m still tryna figure why this love thing is so complicated
Yeah, we try to evade it
But still we gotta face it
I think our definition of love is kind of overrated
I think the personhood of Love is highly understated
And we all tend to forget how great our own need for grace is
So…to all the girls I’ve ever loved before
I hope you know I love you more, and I know I can never replace the
Time that we spent together
Chilling in chilly weather
Acting silly and asking silly questions, remember?
I know I had my bad habits and you had your bad habits but at least we were happy at the epicenter
But like a bad gym we couldn’t work it out
Felt like a bad dream, but I’m glad things are working now
I guess back then we were prolly too young to understand
The impact just loving a woman could have upon a man

Verse 2
Maybe you felt you deserved better
Well that makes two of us
And I could tell you one more thing that is true of us
Nah, forget it
The past is the past
The present
Is presently here with presents in hand
Let me present ’em
I’m talking ’bout friends all around me, destiny helpers
Women and men that surround me, making me better
Possibilities abound like they always do
And its those possibilities that provide options, then you gotta choose
But the truth is I’m not just looking for a baby maker
But I’m looking for that lady that can make me greater
Its not a hustle, baba no get time for long story
So if a girl tryna front, best believe I’m gone, homie!
Public service announcement, my people already know this:
“Heart closed till further notice”
I’m not a novice, but there’s still time, so I reckon
I’ll be on that call of duty ’cause destiny beckons

Verse 3
This is for my queen, wherever you are
I know it might be hard to believe, but you are a star
let me make one thing clear, I’m not the ‘perfect man’
But my focus is on Jehovah and I’m walking in his perfect plan
My whole family is eager, they can’t wait to meet you
Mumsy has sworn severally, no mother-in-law issues!
Baby please don’t be surprised if you find me sleeping
Just wake me up and shine your light in my eyes till I find your glisten
If I seem deaf, then holla till I gotta listen
Step into my world and make me sure you were all that was missing
I hope you know I have issues, be ready to deal
And I can’t stand insincerity so keep keeping it real
Don’t forget that you don’t know it all
So please let me teach you as you teach me and we grow in love
And lastly, if at all you see this
Its a small world, hit me up…
Hugs and kisses!


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