Day 21: Twenty One

Day 21

Twenty One

The number 21 is interesting for the following 21 reasons:

1. I’m writing this on Day 21 of my 60 day writing challenge.
2. 21 is how old I am right now. (Don’t be deceived, age ain’t nothing but a number!)
3. 21 is the legal drinking age in a number of countries. (Bartender!!!!)
4. 21 is also the age of full attainment of adulthood status in some civilized locations around the globe.
5. 21 is the number of points I’m aiming for in this article.
6. Think about this: twenty ‘ones’ is actually 20, not 21!
7. 21 Jump Street is a hilarious movie!
8. 21 years ago, this piece would probably take at least 21 days to be read on the other side of the world. Today it doesn’t even take 21 milliseconds.
9. Incidentally (I swear!) The time right NOW is 2:21am. (Trust me, this was totally true when I began typing it! So weird!)
10. 21kph is actually a pretty cool speed to move at when you’re driving a Porsche. (Show off!)
11. 21 hours ago…(wait a minute, lemme think)… I was on the phone with a friend. (No questions, please!)
12. The card game Blackjack was originally called ’21’
13. 21 is 12 read backwards. (You tink say e easy, ba? Just try coming up with 21 points!
14. The 21st Head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has most likely not been born yet. (Yes. Think about it.)
15. The current Head of State, who belongs to both nobody and everybody, was given a 21-gun salute on the day of his inauguration.
16. 2100hrs is 9pm.
17. The gestation period of an elephant is about 21 months.
18. 21 days ago, I really didnt know how much i would enjoy this writing challenge. I’m loving it! My fear though, is that followers of this challenge have grown to expect brilliance. And as a result, I’m pushed to perform better. That’s a good thing, but I’m still human y’all.
19. No human being has ever given birth to up to 21 babies at the same time.
20. 21 is the result you get when you multiply 7 by 3, and these are the only two whole prime numbers you can perform the multiplication operation on to arrive at 21.
21. 21 happens to be the number of days ‘they’ say it takes to form a habit. I guess i’m in luck with this 60 day writing challenge!


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