DISMISS THE MYTH: Episode 2 Talk Is Cheap


They say “Talk is cheap,” but the right words are priceless
I had to pause and meditate just to write this
If the Life switch
Is truly in the tongue’s power
Then it’s our
Responsibility to fight this
Plague threatening to leave us lifeless

“I can say what I want!
I mean, is it your tongue?”
I wish you only knew
The power of the words
That you use and abuse
For fun

Free speech could be very costly
Try speaking out of turn in a courtroom
And once the Judge pronounces your sentence
No word can overthrow what the Judge ruled

Words open doors
Words open floors
And if words begin worlds and words begin wars
Then we should stop to think before our words become swords
That we use to hurt ourselves and ours
Hurts, that even when healed, cause scars

Talk is cheap, but before you speak
Think how your words could heal the sick
In heart, in mind, in body or soul
Your tongue is your servant, so stay in control

Yes, your tongue’s a servant
And words are served
To fill the thirsty
Or bring more thirst
So speak with wisdom
Or, please, not at all
Silence could be far louder
Than a thousand waterfalls

After guarding your thoughts and thinking aright
Guard your words, let your speech be light
War with your mouth, let your speech be fight
Speak to the future till it comes into sight

Talk is cheap and words are free
If so, speak prosperity!
And faith, and strength, and life, and peace!
Speak and watch your troubles flee!

Speak to the things you need to exist
Speak to the storm and watch it desist
Speak to the air and enjoy its breeze
Speak to the ocean and enjoy the beach

Say what you want, and not what you don’t
Your words are seeds; you reap what you sow
So plant them carefully and watch them grow
Free speech really must be the greatest power we hold


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