Don’t Judge Me

Let me judge you


I know you

I know what you did

But I don’t care why you did it


But hey…


Don’t judge me

You don’t know me

You know what I did

But you don’t know why I did it

You thought you knew but you didn’t


It’s funny


Jump to conclusions that are very high

I think I’m smart but the very lie

That I tell myself is that

I’m not as terrible as the next guy


I’ll set the bar pretty high

And as soon as you jump

I’ll raise the bar even higher

And when you fall

(And trust me you will)

I’ll be right there to laugh at you

And show you the way to the fire


But hey…


I know me

I know what I do

I know why I do it

And most times I think I’m judging you

But I’m simply judging me for the things that

Deep down inside me

I’m sick and tired of doing


Let me judge you


But hey…


Don’t judge me



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