FIF – Love Storeys (EP)

“If this is love, then tell me why nothing’s sure/Acting all confident outside, inside we’re insecure”

The journey to love is like ascending a storey-building. you start from the Ground Flaw, only to find out that she has insecurities, and you have Insecurities 2. If you’re lucky enough, you might get to meet Omolara.

At some point, the journey probably gets too slow for your liking. You’ve got to take the elevator, the fast lane. Now is the time to ask if she’s “going up or not”: the Elevator Pitch.

Maybe she said yes, maybe she said no… we’ll find out at the Penthouse Suite.

Hope you see my story in the storeys.

Now tell me…what’s your Love Storey?

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Big Shoutout to:

Wordy for the designs on the singles, promo material and cover for this album.

Fido, TiwaDara, Layi Glover and Larry Twain for the amazing features on Ground Flaw, Insecurities 2, Elevator Pitch and Penthouse Suite respectively.

Jakin Tayo and D1 Headphones for the awesome production work on Elevator Pitch.


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