One Word

There’s a popular game on the android platform called ‘4 pics 1 word’.

In this game, 4 pictures and 12 letters are supplied. The aim is to guess the word that links all the pictures, using some or all of the letters given.

Something interesting about this game struck me recently: you only really absolutely NEED a maximum of 2 pictures to form a word association!

In other words, even if we were playing “2 pics 1 word’, our number of guesses might increase ever so slightly, but we would still be able to come up with the common word association eventually.

“How is this information useful?” you ask.

You see, everyone is looking for answers. Searching for truth. Questing for purpose. What makes our search more interesting is that there are several clues pointing us in the right direction.

These clues may be confusing, or a little bit beyond our scope of knowledge at the time, or simply overwhelming or exhausting, but they are there nonetheless.

So…how do you fill those blank boxes of life with the right letters?

Simple: 2 pics, 1 word


In plain language…

LOOK WITHIN, search your heart for that picture that aligns with the picture God has of you when you LOOK UP.

The alignment of these two pictures will produce one word.

One word that will propel you forward. One word that will guide you steadfastly along the right course. One word that you will speak with your mouth. One word that you will engrave on your heart

One word.

Then you will laugh, wondering what puzzled you all along, because the answer is often so deceptively simple that we often keep insisting it can’t really be the answer.

We might not always get it on the first try, but we will refuse to be discouraged! We will not be afraid to move forward, adjusting the frames till the letters say the same thing the pictures say.

The letters outside might not look like the picture inside just yet, but we will not despair! Every wrong guess is simply part of the learning process called life, bringing us a step closer to the answer.

When we forge ahead in faith, we will discover that each wrong ‘guess’ was simply another pointer to that one word.


Nothing can be done against the truth. It always wins.


Light shines, and darkness ceases to exist. Actually, darkness never really existed, and light came around to prove exactly that. Light always prevails.


Eventually, all things work together for good.

Eventually, we win!
Eventually, we prevail!

Now, forever and always!


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2 thoughts on “One Word

  • Now this one struck me❤💜

    Why am I just seeing this😭😭😭

    Though it may seem like nothing’s ever working out, that nothing seems to be going right…. We choose not to despair. Nah,we won’t give up. We can’t. Eventually, the pieces fall into place. Eventually, we win. Eventually, we smile.

    Cool writeup.

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