December 20, 2015




Having been away from the active music scene for over a year, FIF returns with his most loaded full length project to date.

He’s not afraid to be himself on this audacious mix of eclectic music and versatile styles, sensitive topics and abstract discussion, spiritual undertones and secular overtones. Mixing witty lines with creative hooks, FIF brings you what he hopes is the template for the future of music.

 Download the entire Synopsis Mixtape here

Download Individual Tracks:

1. Para

2. Welcome Speech ft Cozzi

3. King Kong

4. Still Got It

5. What You Say

6. Ise Yen

7. Higher

8. Insecurities

9. Come So Far

10. Let It Out

11. Home Sick

12. Dreams

13. Dollar Bill

14. That I’m Dreaming

15 Casting Crowns (Rap Remix)

Download the Digital Booklet for SYNOPSIS here

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