December 30, 2015


In this self produced single, rap artiste, FIF, delivers a classic diary entry in rap form, chronicling 2015.

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2015 Lyrics

2015 runs to an end, a lot’s on my mind
feeling really introspective so I pause and I smile
I’m thinking ’bout the lessons that I learned in the time
The good and the bad, the tests and the trials

Its been a life-defining time for me
I finally found the time to be what I really wanted to be
I learnt to find time for peeps that make up my community
I learnt that all the finer things in life do not define me

But my love for God, friends and family
I learnt how to be strong in times of tragedy
And how to stand tall and rise above the gravity
‘Cause the higher you go, the better the view you get to see

I learnt that finishing is what really matters
‘Cause everybody starts out but the bitter part is
If you don’t finish what you started
Its like dribbling the keeper, facing empty net and still not scoring!

Omo, Man of God na still Son of Man
That’s why I still do some things I ought to leave behind
But God’s grace is what I trust in to overcome my worst sins
And his word to renew my mind

I learnt a bit of what it means to love a woman
It takes a whole lotta patience just to keep it moving
It takes quite a lotta strength to remain consistent
And stay faithful when some others would’ve gone missing

But I’ve learnt to appreciate what I’ve got
Or some other person will, and then its lost
I learnt to really see God as my only source
Baba no dey disappoint, if say na him you really trust!

I had some strange doors open up to me
Walked right in with a lot of ease
I got some pretty crazy opportunities
Things getting cooler,feel the breeze, down a few degrees

I met some pretty dope folks in the year tho
But I didn’t take a selfie with Ini Edo
Although, I took some really decent pictures
But I didn’t take enough! I’ll do that more in the future

Forget, 2015 was really awesome
I learnt a whole lot, and that’s saying something
And if what happened then is any indication
Of what’s coming in front of me
Then there’s no limitation

My name is FIF, and I’m signing out
They thought I kept quiet, I’m here to drive em out
I brought you Synopsis, something to smile about
And I’m getting some tougher topics to write about

Any which way,
2016 go make sense
E sure me die say 2016 go make sense
If you believe say 2016 go make sense
Then let me hear you say “Amen”

Won l’e FIF a fe gbo ibile
Kini’n se gbogbo yin na ejo efimile
Make I do my tin how I want
I might do it or not
just know I’m unlimited

My name is FIF and I’m signing out
Real name Olufifun Adedamola
Gone for a while don’t mean I’m packing out
I’m a king not a commoner
The way I handle the beat call me Pacquiao
Never defeated, never quitting, never backing down
Got a new perspective so look at me now
Look at me now…