December 15, 2015




Para is the first official single off the Synopsis mixtape from the Nigerian rapper, FIF.

After more than a year since his last release, FIF goes in on this Davic Obi beat to deliver some firm, heartfelt bars, reaffirming his commitment to his mission and his team, and reestablishing his presence in the game.

With solid delivery and engaging content from start to finish, this track ends leaving you gasping for more. Enjoy!


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Welcome to the resurrection
Feel like I’m back from the grave to start an insurrection
Revolutionary bars you gone need inspection
Revelations from my heart, these rappers need correction
Hold up Don’t rest when I’m home bruh
Ain’t playing games when I home run
Only God knows what I’m gon become
But you know me hon I only run from encomiums
My dominion is in showing love And showing off when I’m going off!

Shout out to the homie Davic
Really, all I need is a beat
Then hook me up with a microphone
And I’m right at home where I be
Finna go deep when I speak
Ain’t a freak for retweets
Heat up the beat for a bit
Hit em with the spirit and they thinking who he?

Who he? Who he? Who he?
Who you be?
Yeah the name is FIF
Faith is fundamental to my mental, can’t be kept quiet
Son of the most high, I can’t stop for another mission
A few summer lessons, now I got proper vision

Even till now my church my still dey try understand
Me and divinity was enemies till He had a plan
To remedy the misery he sent the Son of Man
Who was God himself to make Gods out of men

Meeeehnnnnn mo fe para lori beat yi!
FIF o mara, mii wo zara lori feet mi
Gospel of peace on my feet, I ain’t changing position
Still spit ill when I speak, I ain’t changing the mission

Getting strangers to listen, that is still the aim
When I plant seeds, I plant trees, how could this be lame?
Yeah it’s been a while I know your ears been missing me
But I’m done with engineering now, hope you ready to listen, G!

It’s been a long time away, my people I got a lot to say
Still in the game, an eagle, I’ve got a lot to play
One of the last knights, fight like I only got a day
Spit it like it’s my last rhyme, I mean every word I say
FIF why so serious all time, where the punchlines?
Well I know what’s on the line but still sometimes
I know how to have fun, I’m still an emcee don’t forget
Gimme a second, let me confirm what you suspect

Ogbeni no change channel, you no see say I dey watch my weight?
Why you wan follow me chop if you no fit to wash my plate?
Better make up your mind before you go and wash your face
Baba look where you dey go, abeg, you better concentrate

I miss my city Las Gidi, Ife don tire me
Awon temi l’Agege, awon lon inspire mi
Seated in heavenly places, na Baba God higher me
Soldier in the army, even death can’t retire me

Don’t dream
COD my home team
Worldwide, we occupy
We fortified so we going in
We four to five and we know him
Multiply and we close in
You know we high and its homicide when we go deep, we gon win
Notin wey fit shake us, or break us or make us run away
If you like put barricade, even sef we no go turn away
Storm the gates and liberate the congregrate you aggregate
If you sabi wetin good for you no follow masquerade dey play!

FIF- Para

FIF- Para