The Birth

I once thought his birth was irrelevant until I realized
He had to be born if his mission was to die
Conceived in a virgin, the Word was the seed
That made her belly protrude for the whole world to see

Most of us don’t think of this in practical terms
But your pregnant fiancee would make your relatives squirm
We easily believe the truth that it was a miracle today
But back then, M and J must have had to deal with some shame

Sideway glances, people avoiding their eyes
How do you explain the thought of a soon-to-be bride
Conceiving of a child if she didn’t fornicate?
We like your pretty face, but we don’t believe your fairy tale!

Well, the Son of God became the Son of Man
So sons of men could become sons of God, wow, what a plan!
A beautiful exchange, and faith is the currency
We need to gain access to God, we simply just believe

So if perhaps the chicken has already laid down its life
Remember, that was exactly the mission of the Christ
He didn’t come to take your life, he came to give you His
So as you celebrate His birth today, please remember this

And just in case you really don’t believe
That righteousness is a gift you need to live
Then I hope before its too late to see
Your eyes open, and you receive the gift that’s already paid for, for free!

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