Too Superstitious

Lately I’ve been listening to the radio.

And it doesn’t take too long to realise that Africans are deeply religious and superstitious, sometimes even to the point of sending our mental faculties on vacation.

Presenters bring up issues (mostly relationship issues, of course) and say “What do you think? Contribute to the conversation!”

Then people would call and text in. And out of three or four people, there would be this person that would say something that would absolutely get me laughing hysterically!

A couple wants to get married. The girl’s parents say no. Tribe things. Guess what people call in to say? They should try and get a PASTOR involved in the case.

A pastor!?

Who told you the people involved are Christians? Nobody! But you assumed they were, because, I mean, God forbid an African doesn’t claim a particular religion! And if they’re not from the north, they must be Christian!

Woooooow…I love this African logic!

A few people said they should not get married without their parent’s consent, as the lack of consent would make the marriage unfruitful. Say what?!

Wait first. That’s not even the one that cracked me up the most. Someone texted “With prayers and fasting, coupled with vigil, they would overcome”. Another one said they needed to go for “deliverance” Someone else called to say they should go for “spiritual cleansing to remove every delay in their marital path”. Spiritual cleansing?! On top parental consent! Even the OAP couldn’t hold back her surprise!

Welcome to Africa, where spiritism prevails over commonsense. And yet we have the guts to question God about why we’re so underdeveloped! Na God dey hold you?

Why, prayer is the master key! Prayer gets in the kitchen to prepare your meals. Fasting drives you to work everyday. Deliverance fills your bank account! And vigils…ahhhh…vigils, mehn!

Be there deceiving yourself. Don’t go and do the needful.

You need a partner, you’re attending church programs up and down. Yet you stay home all week. Your social life consists of social media and strolls to the market. Of course you couldn’t possibly go to a club and mix up with those sinners. And it doesn’t matter that your weight is off the charts and your hygiene level doesn’t even qualify to be on the chart.

You want to gain admission, so you’re “sowing seed”. Because they told you God is land abi? Or that your money can move him?

I said, stay there and keep deceiving yourself! Don’t go and do the needful.

What Paul said to the Athenians, I say now to Africans: You people of Africa, I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious! And it’s simply because y’all don’t know God like you claim to!

Here’s hoping we receive sense!

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