What is Faith?

What is Faith?
Faith is
The tangibility of hope
The intangible substance that gets you higher than dope
When you climb
That ladder
That rope
That makes you thrive
And not just survive
Or cope

What is Faith?
Faith is
What it takes to receive what Grace gives
When He says “Take this!”

What is Faith?
Faith is
The receipt of the purchase not yet invoiced
The chart-topping hit track yet being voiced
The tithe of the young man from his salary before he gets employed
Going through suffering, trusting the God that says he gives us all things to enjoy

What is Faith?
Faith is
Cooking your last meal to feed a brother
Giving your last kobo to another
Sowing your seed on dry ground and expecting water
Having no money for bread, yet stopping to buy butter

What is Faith?
Faith is
Proclaiming freedom on a slave ship
Keeping your gaze fixed
On the Lord while the waves hit
Staring at the sea along with a million other faces
With an army behind, chasing

What is Faith?
Faith is
That kind of sane madness
That rejoices amidst sadness
That sings praise with chains
Even in a jail’s darkness

What is Faith?
Faith is that pair of glasses that we use to see
When darkness seems to surround us
Looking once again at what we need
We realize the abundance and light that surrounds us

What is Faith?
Faith is
To love again, after yet another heartbreak
To live again, after yet another death
To smile again, in the midst of sorrow
To hope again, though the past keeps casting shadows
To know again, who holds tomorrow

What is Faith?

Faith is
The righteous man’s every breath
For the just shall live by faith
And nothing less

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